About Us

We Are A Group Of Professional Technicians

After an international career of 21 years in the packaging industry a decision was made to start an own company for relocation of machinery and technical support in the packaging industry.
To distinguish yourself as a company in the market, you must meet high standards, in terms of knowledge, craftsmanship and safety. Due to our high standards, we have built up a very good name very quickly and therefore also been offered and executed very large projects.
Until 2021 mainly focused on obtaining worldwide outsourcing   assignments in the tobacco industry, we performed a lot of work at companies such as:
– Phillip Morris International
– Eastern Tobacco
– Imperial tobacco
Under the influence of economic changes and COVID, other branches and disciplines also came into the picture. 

"We aim on the need of project management and technical support which we do best."

Our slogan


Our Mission

Our mission is to be the most preferred business partner by providing first-rate Project management, Technical Services, Training, and Organisational Support to our partners in the  Manufacturing Industry, with superior Technical Specialists in their field of responsibility.

Our Values

Professional Work Force :
Our goal is to create the most professional work environment for our partners through our attention to detail and influence on the work force.

Passion for Excellence :

We strive to provide a distinguished level of quality service.

Confident Leadership :

Our highly trained specialists will provide the leadership necessary to create the most efficient performance.

Why Choose Us