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Smartflex Technical Services B.V. takes care of the relocation of machines, equipment and installations from disconnection of utilities to connection to utilities inside your factory or to relocate abroad (removing existing machinery or relocating it to another site) with full guarantee of fast and seamless start-up with reliable performance beyond your expectations .

Moving a machine in many cases requires a professional and technical approach due to the size, weight and especially the complexity of the system to be moved. We offer the complete solution for a successful relocation of the machine or installation. Openness and good communication keep you informed of all steps in the process:

  •  Machine Full Assessment (Mechanical & Electrical).
  •  Decommissioning and disassembly in separate machines/ units/parts.
  • Deep cleaning of the machines/units/parts.
  • conservation of machines/units/parts for storage and transport.
  • Packing of the machines/units/parts .(seaworthy packing)
  • Loading/Unloading trucks and/or containers. Mechanical and Electrical Installation.
  •  Testing and Pre-commissioning.
  •  Start-Up Solution and ramp up.
  •  Final commissioning actions in conjuction with customer.
  •  Handover to customer and documentation.

“Smartflex Technical Services B.V controls the machine movement from disconnection utilities to connection utilities.”



Our Technical Support & Operational support team are offered help to fill the gap with understaffed factories, and cover your short- and long-term organizational support needs, which may arise due to the introduction of new production lines, growth in market ,etc.
We Can  Porvide :

  • We Provide operators and technicians for short term (up to 1 month)
  • We Provide operators and technicians for long term (more than 1 month)
  • Fully undertaking 3rd party production responsibility (1 year or longer periods)
  • We Are Experts  in troubleshooting
  • We Focus On reject/waste minimization
  • We Solve Specific quality issues
  • Realizing new product projects
  • Doing Software and technology upgrades

We commit to provide highly qualified operators and experienced technicians acquired in big capacity factories . We deliver smooth and uninterrupted operations with high machine efficiency and product quality to support you in meeting the increasing market demands while staying competitive.

Smartflex Technical Services B.V also provide translation, supervision and performance reporting support.

Machines maintenance


Smartflex Technical Services B.V provides both preventive and corrective machine maintenance. It is best for your fleet to perform preventive maintenance on a regular basis. This ensures as little downtime of your machines as possible and therefore as little disruption as possible to your production process.

However, it is possible that corrective maintenance is required. When your machine malfunctions, a quick response and adequate action is required.

Smartflex Technical Services B.V maintenance programs and strategies, developed for common needs of any production industry:


  •  Inspection of machines conditions.
  •  Implementation of periodic maintenance plans.
  •  Implementation of non-periodic planned maintenance.
  •  Machinery subassembly and rebuilding.
  •  Machine overhaul.

Smartflex Technical Services B.V is always available  and can respond quickly to your malfunction report due to the short lines within our company. Our technician will look with you at the cause of the problem and report, after which we advise measures if desired to prevent a recurrence in the future .



Our consultancy team can provide  technical consultants or project engineers for implementation or management of your projects.

We can on the spot adjust ourselves to the needs of the customer.

Our consultants team  have more than 15 years of experience in big manufacturing companies.


TECHNICAL Education & OPERATIONAL training


Smartflex Technical Services B.V provide technical training for operators ,Mechanics and Electricians , to improve productivity and adherence to quality standards …

We are offering customized training programs adapted to your needs, as we also provide:

  •  Operational skills for regular duties and tasks.
  •  A strong emphasis on useful practical skills.
  •  Awareness of safety, waste reduction and production targets during operating.
  •  Troubleshooting during production.
  •  Quality visual and physical control.
  •  Overhauling for units and stand-by groups.



Machines are the lifeblood of most manufacturing operations. Without high-quality machines performing at maximum efficiency, it is virtually impossible to meet tight production schedules. Machines also represent a major expense .

Then When You Purchasing brand-new equipment may not fit the strict budget requirements for companies that need to make every dollar count to remain competitive in today’s challenging global business climate.

As a complement to our premium machine building services, Smartflex Technical Services B.V  offers comprehensive machine repair, rebuilding and refurbishment services that offer a more cost-effective alternative to buying new equipment. Our machine repair and rebuilding services include everything from updating electronic controls to tearing down and rebuilding a machine from the ground up.

We Can Do :

    •  Deliver Fast, Reliable Industrial Machine Repair Services.
    •  Also Handle Custom Machine Repair Jobs.
    •  Complete Machinery Rebuilding.